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Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust (WESCT) 2020 Elections

Please Vote for

Erin Gray (click for more info)
William Oliver (click for more info)
Janette Osborne (click for more info)

Click here for Erin, William and Janette's answers to frequently asked election questions


Click here for answers to more general WESCT questions


Click here to go to the official WESCT website


If you have further questions please email them to or contact us directly.

2020-08-27 Photo

Erin, William and Janette are current trustees on the Waitomo Energy Services Customer Trust and are standing for re-election during September 2020.

There are five candidates standing for three A Trustee positions.  The three successful candidates will then appoint an Appointed Trustee and the four will join with the existing two Major Customer elected B Trustees to form a six person trust.

A trust is a collective – all six members take on board all available information, seek more information when necessary, ask questions, debate and discuss and finally come to a majority decision.  It is always desirable that the position is unanimous, however, in the case where it is a majority decision once the decision is made it is the decision of the Trust regardless of whether you voted for or against it.

This is something that Erin, William and Janette fully understand and continue to commit to.  So, while these pages contain their personal opinions on issues – one person’s opinion does not mean that the action will occur – the decisions need to be made collectively by the Trust.

On these pages we hope to provide an insight into the work that we have been doing and how we would like to contribute to the future of WESCT for the benefit of the community.

For full information about WESCT please refer to the official WESCT website at - where you will find full information including the Trust Deed, Ownership Review Reports, Annual Reports and Statements of Corporate Intent.

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