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quote.gifAs a knitting pattern designer I am always looking for the best yarns.  I love and highly recommend organically grown super soft merino wool by Briar Patch.  It is amazingly soft, a pleasure to work with and creates a magnificent garment that looks good and feels fantastic.  Thank you Briar Patch and Lammermoor Station.  10 Ply Merino
Marilyn Peters, California, USA

quote.gifHere is my reaction every time I pick up my needles with your wool on them....... ...AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH  that’s SO NICE!  It feels SO GOOD and knits so nice.  I could sleep with it..LOL. 10 Ply Lammermoor Station Merino
Jan, Washington State, United States

quote.gifI have never seen a yarn as "buttery" in my life  10 Ply Lammermoor Station Merino
Maree, Napier, New Zealand

quote.gifI bought 2 balls of your wool from the craft fair to try it out and made a hat for my daughter. The yarn is divinely soft, a real delight to knit and wear. My daughter loves her super soft, warm beanie. 10 Ply Lammermoor Station Merino
Amanda, Wellington, New Zealand

quote.gifOMG!!! Your yarn is divine!  Sooo smoochy.  I haven't even made it home and I am knitting the gauge swatch.  I pulled it out of the bag and nearly started hyperventilating - beautiful" 10 Ply Lammermoor Station Merino
Karyn, Wellington, New Zealand

quote.gifI really like the wool and will be using it in future"  Te Toko Station Perendale
Sally, Auckland, New Zealand

quote.gifOn Ravelry Cowl for ME "...love the cushy yarn....its beautiful creamy white color. Do I love this yarn or what?    And on Facebook "Briar Patch New Zealand's merino wool is like knitting on a cloud!" 10 Ply Lammermoor Station Merino
Nancy, New Jersey, United States