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We’re fanatical about the unique natural qualities and sustainability of wool.


We proudly support the global ‘Campaign for Wool and our patron HRH The Prince of Wales.

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We produce wool knitting yarn; we grow and shear the sheep and prepare the fleece. The result is traceable, ‘soft-as-a-cloud’ knitting yarns of outstanding quality for every purpose.
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10 ply Merino Yarn
Te Toko Perendale
Carded Wool
Carded Wool for Spinning and Felting

What Our Customers Say

quote.gifAs a knitting pattern designer I am always looking for the best yarns.  I love and highly recommend organically grown super soft merino wool by Briar Patch.  It is amazingly soft, a pleasure to work with and creates a magnificent garment that looks good and feels fantastic.  Thank you Briar Patch and Lammermoor Station.  10 Ply Merino
Marilyn Peters, California, USA

quote.gifHere is my reaction every time I pick up my needles with your wool on them..........AAAAHHHHHHHHH  that’s SO NICE!  It feels SO GOOD and knits so nice.  I could sleep with it..LOL.
  10 Ply Merino
Jan, Washington State, United States

quote.gifOMG!!! Your yarn is divine!  Sooo smoochy.  I haven't even made it home and I am knitting the gauge swatch.  I pulled it out of the bag and nearly started hyperventilating - beautiful" 10 Ply Merino
Karyn, Wellington,New Zealand

quote.gifI really like the wool and will be using it in future" Te Toko Station Perendale
Sally, Auckland, New Zealand
See more testimonals or visit us at Ravelry for Pattern Ideas BriarPatch On Ravelry

Down on
the Farms


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Meet the Sheep

Meet the Sheep, see where and how the wool is grown
We are the sheep your knitting yarn comes from

We're waiting for our hair cut
Learn more about sheep, reasons to choose wool, yarn etc...
This is Our Wool Being Shorn

This is Kevin giving us our hair cut
Meet the Sheep

This is Us After Our HaircutSee we are just fine after our hair cut and we'll have another fleece of wool for you in a few months.
Not All Knitting Yarn Is Created Equal... Please Click Here to Read the Article I Wrote Explaining Why or go to our Learn More... page
New Zealand’s world renowned reputation as an exporter of superior quality wool, is undisputed. In a country where sheep outnumber people 10:1, we’ve learnt a thing or two about how to nurture and grow the world’s finest fleece.

But how do you really know, if you’re actually knitting your garments from the world’s finest fleece?

The origins of most of the knitting wool yarns available in today’s retail stores is probably unknown and of varying quality. This makes it difficult for you, the knitter and spinner, to confidently source the best quality and right type of knitting yarn for your project.

At Briar Patch, we understand that NOT ALL knitting wool yarn is created equal - different breeds of animal produce wool for different purposes. How do we know this? Because we grow it.

We’re New Zealand’s direct knitting wool suppliers to the world’s fussiest knitters and hand spinners.

Types of Knitting Wool Yarn

Specifically, we grow Organically Grown Merino Wool Yarn, Perendale, Corriedale, Half-Breed and rare sheep breeds such as  Arapawa, Pitt Island etc. And of course Llama (sorry no llama yarn yet). So, when only the best knitting wool yarns are good enough for your knitting and spinning projects, shop online with us. Not sure which is the best yarn for your project? Contact us with your question.   

Like to find out more about the many breeds of animals and the unique qualities and benefits of the wool they produce? Meet the farming families that produce your knitting yarn

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+64 7 878 8362 or
+64 21 890 933

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Creating top quality products within New Zealand
Learn more about our Quality 100% New Zealand Wool. 
Briar Patch New Zealand Limited
Te Toko Station
2879 Hauturu Road,
Waitomo Caves,
Waikato, New Zealand

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